Essay Writing Don’ts Hurley

Some Essay Writing Dont’s:

We have already given you some tips. Here are some essay writing don’ts that are best avoided when writing your essay if you are hoping to score higher marks.

Only include relevant information:

Make sure that when you are writing your essay that you only really write about relevant information. Do not fall into the pit fall of writing fluff just to up your word count. You must narrow your topic so that you are only talking about things that matter, and not things that do not need worrying about. This is where your skills of analysis come in – decipher between the information that matters and the stuff that doesn’t. Once you have decided on this, make sure that you structure it correctly and place pieces of information in the right paragraphs.

Do not forget about formatting and narrative:

 Always remember to be thinking of your formatting and of your narrative. For example this includes things such as paragraph size, font size, size and spacing, and page numbers. These different factors can affect how your essay reads which means it can greatly affect your marks. As far as your narrative goes, this really comes down to your writing being in first-person or third-person. First-person is good when you are writing something like a story which includes someone’s perspective. Meanwhile, third-person is best when you are writing something purely informative and factual.

Do not neglect on proof-reading:

Typos do not necessarily show that you do not know what you are talking about. However, what they do so is that you do not had much of an eye for detail or your care over your work. Always make sure you proof read your work after completing so that you pick up on any typos and grammar errors.

There are many resources all around the web to help you deal with writing an essay. Do all you need to do to help you get the mark you deserve.